Network Waitaki Day

5 Years 24th June NETWORK WAITAKI DAY   10.30am Valley Blue vs Maheno 10A 10.30am Valley Gold vs Old Boys 10B 11.15am Valley Black vs Excelsior Hawkes 10A 11.15am Athletic vs Excelsior Vipers 10B 12.00pm St Joseph's vs Kurow Bulls 10A BYE Kurow Rams 6 Years 24th June NETWORK WAITAKI DAY 10.30am Union v Excelsior Tigers 9A 11.15am Excelsior Eagles v Kurow 9B 11.15am Athletic Maroon v Maheno 9A 10.30am St Joseph's v Valley 9B 12.00pm Athletic Gold v Excelsior Lions 9A 7/8 Years 24th June NETWORK WAITAKI DAY   11.15am Valley Black vs Kurow WCS 7 10.30am Excelsior Rams vs Valley Blue WCS 7 12.00pm Excelsior Rhinos vs Valley Gold WCS 7 10.30am Maheno vs St Joseph's WCS 8 11.15am Union vs Excelsior Wolverines WCS 8 12.00pm Old Boys vs Athletic WCS 8 9/10 Years 24th June NETWORK WAITAKI

NORFU Rugby Draw ~ 10th June 2017

Liquorland Oamaru Citizens Shield 2017 Round 2 - Game 10 Premier Rugby Saturday 10 June 2017 Old Boys vs Subway Excelsior, WCS 1, 2.45pm Duty Team: Old Boys Changing Rooms: Old Boys WCS 1 & 2, Excelsior Club Rooms Referee: Nick Webster Asst Referees:  Simon Vernon and Glynn Cameron Maheno vs Athletic Marist, Maheno, 2.45pm Duty Team: Maheno Changing Rooms:

NORFU Rugby Draw 3rd June 2017

Queens Birthday Weekend Saturday 3 June 2017 Town vs Country, Maheno, 1.00pm Duty Club:  Maheno Changing Rooms – Maheno Referee:  Blair Malcolm Asst Referees:  Craig Kingan and James Symes North Otago Women - "Curtain Raiser to Town vs Country" - Saturday 3 June 2017 North Otago Women vs University, Maheno, 11.30am Changing Rooms:  Maheno Referee: Craig Kingan Secondary


RUGBY UPDATE 20/5/17 All 5 and 6 year old Rugby is cancelled, with the exception of games being played at Excelsior as it is their club day. The women's Rugby game is cancelled due to the Otago competition being cancelled today. The President's game between Athletic Marist and Kurow will now be played

NORFU Rugby Draw 20 May 2017

Liquorland Oamaru Citizens Shield 2017 Round 2 - Game 8 Premier Rugby Saturday 20 May 2017 Athletic Marist vs Kurow, WCS 1, 3.00pm Duty Team: Athletic Marist Changing Rooms: Athletic Marist WCS 1m Kurow WCS 3 Referee: Blair Malcolm Asst Referees:  Glynn Cameron Subway Excelsior vs Maheno, WCS 2, 3.00pm Duty Team: Subway Excelsior Changing Rooms: Excelsior