Established. 1888

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The Excelsior Rugby Football Club was established in 1888.

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POST OFFICE NOTICES –   Otago Daily Times , Issue 8153, 10 April 1888, Page 2

At a special general meeting of the Otago Rugby Football Union, held in the City Hotel last evening, the Palmerston and Oamaru Excelsior Clubs were elected members of the union. At a meeting of the General Committee, held afterwards, Messrs Morrison, Chapman, and Ross were appointed to arrange a scheme for the establishment of a club room, and report at next meeting. A letter was received from Mr Lillywhite asking the union to assist in getting free railway passes for his team, but it was decided to take no action in the matter.

Otago Witness , Issue 1899, 13 April 1888, Page 26

The Gordon, White Star, and United Clubs have ceased to exist. Two new clubs have joined the O.R.F.U. since the annual meeting, viz., the Falmerston Club, and Excelsior Club (Oamaru). Mr Bruce is secretary of the former and Mr A. E. Hardy of the latter.

Otago Witness , Issue 1918, 24 August 1888, Page 26

The football match between the Excelsior, First and the Oamaru Second was played on Thursday, 16th inst., on the North road cricket ground. The weather was fine, and consequently there was a satisfactory attendance, with a good sprinkling of the fair sex, Mr W. Whyte and Mr R. Hewat were the respective umpires, while Mr Forbes was referee.

The following were the teams Excelsior (Blue-and-black)

  • Fullback – J Holt;

  • three-quarter backs — W J Jones. (captain), W Lawson, W Alexander

  • halfbacks R Hood, O Proctor;

  • forwards J Miller, R Mahan, J Church, J M’Laren, V France, B M’Dowell, T M’Ghie, A Grave, C Ogilvie.

Oamaru (Yellow-and-black).— Full back— M’Niel three-quarter backs— A Jones, J Weir, H Thomas half backs— W Proctor. W F Cork forwards— J Patterson, J Wilding, J M’Laren, J Miller (captain), H Grenfell, L.Snow, A Murdoch, E lane, J Every.

Miller winning the toss, Jones kicked off at 3.30. The Excelsiors by fast following up spoilt the return kick, and M’Ghie scored near the corner flag in about three-quarters of a minute’s time, amid loud cheering. Jones took the kick but failed. From the kick-out the play was pretty even, and about half-time Murdoch scored for the Yellows, making the score even. The ball being put into play again, the Blue-and blacks by some, good loose play took the ball on to the Oamaru goal line, and would most certainly have scored but for the persistent habit of Patterson and others lying on the ball. After some time the Yellows cleared their line, and Cook eluding the Blues’ backs, scored behind the posts. H. Thomas made a miserable attempt with the kick.

Time was soon afterwards called, with the play in neutral territory.

The Excelsiors had the best of the game from start to finish, their play being much admired.

The latter team averaged about 10 5 to their opponents 12.0. For the winners, H. Thomas, McLaren, and Murdoch played well and for the losers, Holt, Lawson, Alexander, Miller, Mahan, and McGhie played splendidly. The umpires and referee gave unanimous satisfaction to all concerned. Judging from their present form and team the Excelsiors will certainly have the crack junior team here next season. The Timaru .

First play the return match with the Oamaru First on Wednesday, 22nd inst. The Oamaru Second meet the Athletic Second on Thursday, 23rd inst., when the latter are expected to win. The Excelsior Second journey to Otepopo on the same day to play the school there.



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