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North Otago Rugby Draws

12 August 2017

North Otago Selection Team vs Canterbury Country Colts
WCS 1, 2.00pm.

Changing Rooms: Selection Team: WCS 1 & 2, Canterbury CC WCS 3 & 4

Referee: Nick Webster

Assistant Referees: James Symes and Craig Kingan

Selection Team:

1.Tom Paton 2.Hayden Tisdall 3.Meli Kolinisau 4.Mike Lawrence
5.Braden Barnes 6.Morgan Dawes 7.Peyton Eager 8.Jake Greenslade
9.Inoke Naufahu 10.Tyler Burgess 11.Adam Johnston 12.Issac McNulty
13.Aaron Martin 14.Simon Lilicama 15.Brad McKenzie 16.Kieran Byrne
17.Kelepi Funaki 18.Harvard Fale 19.Malu Falapaini 20.Brady Kingan
21.Antini Brown 22.Jamie Robb

Secondary School Rugby

Colts – St Kevin’s vs South Otago, SKC, 12.30, Ref Wayne Boyle

Under 16 WBHS vs Roncalli, WBHS, 12.15, Ref Dylan Winter

Under 14.5 WBHS Red vs WBHS Black, WBHS, 10.45, Ref Roly Senior

Under 14.5 Semi Final – St Kevin’s vs TBHS, SKC, 10.45, Ref Simon Vernon

Assistant Referees: James Symes, Craig Cottier

The JAB draw for Saturday 12 August 2017 is as follows.  First team named provides the referee, unless one is named. 

12 August 2017 – Week 13

5 Years
11.00am          Athletic vs Kurow Bulls, 10A
11.00am          Excelsior Vipers vs Kurow Rams, 10B
11.00am          Old Boys vs Valley Black, 10A
10.00am          Valley Gold vs Maheno, Weston
10.00am          St Joseph’s vs Excelsior Hawkes, SKC 3
BYE:              Valley Blue

6 Years
10.00am          Union vs Kurow, Ngapara
10.00am          Athletic Gold vs Excelsior Lions, 9A
10.00am          Excelsior Eagles vs St Joseph’s, 9B
11.00am          Athletic Maroon vs Valley, 9A
10.30am          Excelsior Tigers vs Maheno, 9B

7 & 8 Years
10.15am          Union vs Kurow, Ngapara
10.00am          Maheno vs Excelsior Wolverines, Maheno
10.00am          Excelsior Rams vs Old Boys, WCS8
10.30am          Athletic vs Excelsior Rhinos, WCS 7
10.00am          Valley Gold vs Valley Black, Weston
10.30am          St Joseph’s vs Valley Blue, SKC 2

9 & 10 Years
11.00am          Union vs Kurow, Ngapara
10.00am          Valley vs Athletic, Weston
10.00am          St Joseph’s vs Excelsior/Maheno WCS 5

11 & 12 Years
11.00am          Excelsior/Maheno vs St Joseph’s, WCS 1
11.00am          Union/Kurow vs Athletic, Ngapara
BYE:              Valley

Duty Team: Old Boys

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