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NORFU Rugby Draw :3rd-5th May – Citizens Shield ; Presidents ; Womens Rugby ; Junior Rugby

Liquorland Oamaru Citizens Shield 2018

Round 2 – Game 7

Premier Rugby

Thursday Night 3 May 2018
Maheno vs Subway Excelsior, Maheno, 7.00pm
Duty Team: Maheno
Changing Rooms: Maheno Club Rooms
Referee: Nick Webster
Asst Referees: Josh Lewis and Ross Hay

Valley Morrison Agri vs Kurow, Valley, 7.00pm
Duty Club: Valley
Changing Rooms:  Valley Club Rooms
Referee: Dylan Winter
Asst Referees: Simon Vernon and Roly Senior

Saturday 5 May 2018
Old Boys vs Athletic Marist, WCS 1, 3.00pm
Duty Team: Old Boys
Changing Rooms: Old Boys Changing room 1 & Athletic Marist Changing room 4
Referee: James Symes
Asst Referees: Nick Webster and Josh Lewis

Women’s Rugby
North Otago Women Athletic Marist vs Pirates, 1.00pm, Hancock Park 1

Secondary School Rugby
Saturday 5 May 2018

1st XV Waitaki BHS vs Otago BHS, Waitaki BHS, 1.00pm
Referee: Dylan Winter, Asst Referees: Glynn Cameron and Wayne Boyle

Waitaki BHS Colts vs Otago BHS Colts, Waitaki BHS, 12.30pm
Referee: Josh Lewis

2nd XV Waitaki BHS vs Otago BHS 3RD XV, Waitaki BHS, 12.30pm
Referee: Roly Senior

1st XV St Kevins vs Taieri, St Kevins, 1.00 pm
Referee: Simon Vernon, Asst Referees: Craig Kingan and Hamish McKenzie

U16 St Kevins vs Wakatipu, Kurow, 1.00pm
Referee: Andrew Harding

U16 Waitaki BHS vs Waimate, Waimate, 12.15pm.

U14.5 Waitaki Black vs Timaru BHS Jaguars, Waitaki, 10.45am
Referee: Hamish McKenzie

U14.5 St Kevins vs Geraldine HS, St Kevins, 10.45am.
Referee: Glynn Cameron

BYE U14.5 Waitaki Red

The JAB draw for Saturday 5 May 2018 is as follows.
First team named provides the referee, unless one is named. 

5 May 2018 – Week 1
Duty Club: Excelsior

5 Years- Rippa

4pm Maheno v Excelsior Tigers, Maheno

5-May 2018
11am   Valley Gold v Kurow Kiwis, Weston
10am   Athletic Maroon v Valley Blue, WCS 9A
10am   Athletic Gold v Valley Silver, WCS 9B
10am   Excelsior Vipers v Athletic Pink, Excelsior WCS 2
11am   Old Boys Red v St Joseph, WCS 9A
11am   Old Boys Black v Union, WCS 9B
BYE: Kurow Keas

6 Years- Rippa

4pm Maheno v Excelsior, Maheno

11am Valley Gold v Kurow, Weston
10am St Joseph v Valley Blue, SKC

7 & 8 Years

4pm Maheno v Excelsior Wolverines, Maheno

11am   Valley Gold v Kurow, Weston
10am   Excelsior Rhinos v Valley Blue, WCS 2
10am   Excelsior Rams v Athletic, WCS 3
10am   St Joseph’s v Union, SKC

9 & 10 Years

4.45pm Excelsior/Maheno v Harlequins, Maheno

11am Valley v Union, Weston
BYE: Kurow

11 & 12 Years

5.45pm Excelsior/Maheno v St Joseph, Maheno Ref Ross Hay
6pm Valley v Athletic Marist, Weston Ref   Simon Vernon

BYE: Kurow/Union
Duty Club: Excelsior

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