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Liquorland Oamaru Citizens Shield 2018

Round 2 – Game 10

Please note change of Playing times

Premier Rugby

Saturday 26 May 2018

Valley Morrison Agri vs Athletic Marist, Valley, 2.45pm
Duty Team: Valley Morrison Agri
Changing Rooms: Valley Club rooms
Referee: Craig Kingan
Asst Referees: Wayne Boyle and Glynn Cameron

Kurow vs Maheno, Kurow, 2.30pm
Duty Club: Kurow
Changing Rooms: Kurow Club Rooms
Referee: James Symes
Asst Referees: Simon Vernon and Wade Newlands

Subway Excelsior vs Old Boys, WCS 1, 2.45pm
Duty Team: Subway Excelsior
Changing Rooms: Subway Excelsior Changing rooms 1 & Old Boys changing room 4
Referee: Dylan Winter
Asst Referees: Josh Lewis and Nick Webster

Presidents Grade- Round 3
Subway Excelsior vs Athletic Marist
WCS 2, 1.00pm
Duty Team: Subway Excelsior
Referee: Hamish McKenzie

Kurow vs Union
Kurow, 1.00pm
Duty Team: Kurow
Referee: Simon Vernon

Women’s Rugby- Round 2

North Otago Women Athletic Marist vs University
12.30pm, Dunedin

Secondary School Rugby
Saturday 26 May 2018

1st XV Waitaki BHS vs Kavanagh HS
Waitaki, 1.00pm, Referee: Nick Webster,
ARs: Josh Lewis and Jared Fox/Malcolm Vince

Waitaki BHS Colts vs Kavanagh HS
Waitaki, 12.30pm, Referee: Glynn Cameron

2nd XV Waitaki BHS vs John McGlashan HS 2nd XV
Waitaki, 12.30pm Referee: Wayne Boyle

U14.5 Waitaki Black vs Geraldine HS
Geraldine HS, 10.45am

U14.5 Waitaki Red vs Roncalli
Roncalli, 10.45am

1st XV St Kevins vs John McGlashan HS 1st XV
Dunedin, 1.00 pm

U16 St Kevins vs John McGlashan HS Colts
Dunedin, 12.30pm

U14.5 St Kevins BYE

The JAB draw for Saturday 26 May 2018 is as follows. 

First team named provides the referee, unless one is named. 

26 May 2018 – Week 4

Club Day: Athletic Marist
Duty Club: Excelsior

5 Years- Rippa
26-May 2018
10am   St Joseph v Maheno, SKC
10am   Athletic Maroon v Valley Silver, WCS 5
10am   Union v Valley Gold, Ngapara
10am   Athletic Pink v Valley Blue, WCS 6
11am   Excelsior Vipers v Kurow Keas, WCS 3
11am   Excelsior Tigers v Kurow Kiwis, WCS 3
10am   Old Boys Black v Old Boys Red, WCS 9A

6 Years- Rippa
26-May 2018
11am St Joseph v Maheno, SKC
10am Valley Gold v Excelsior, Weston
11am Valley Blue v Kurow, Weston

7 & 8 Years
26-May 2018
10am St Joseph’s v Maheno, SKC
11am Athletic v Kurow, WCS 8
10am Valley Blue v Valley Gold, Weston
10am Excelsior Rhinos v Excelsior Wolverines, WCS 2
10am Union v Excelsior Rams, Ngapara

9 & 10 Years
26-May 2018
10am Harlequins v Union, WCS 5, Referee: Jason Forrest
11am Excelsior/Maheno v Kurow, WCS 2 Referee: Kieran Byrne
BYE: Valley

11 & 12 Years
26-May 2018
11am Athletic Marist v Kurow/Union, WCS5, Referee: Tim Petrie
11am Excelsior/Maheno v St Joseph, WCS 3
BYE: Valley

Club Day: Athletic Marist
Duty Club: Excelsior

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